We are a pioneer in electrical grounding & lightning protection system. We are nation’s one of the first few electrical grounding operations that are fully integrated – from research to the manufacturing and marketing of finished products.

Today, we operate from Bihar and have a commercial presence in over 05 states across North India and also in Nepal. And the numbers are growing.

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ESPL BFC (Back Fill Compound)


We care for your safety and value your worth.

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Electrical Safety Audit

Energy Audit

Energy Optimization

Earthing Audit & Maintenance (EA&M)

Lightning Protection System Audit (LPSA)

Electrical Distribution Testing

Energy Savings Management & Verification (M&V)

Insulation Resistance
(IR Test)



We take pride in our customers

With our innovation and vast footprint we have been a change maker and a trend setter in our field of work. With overeleven thousand corporate clients and uncountable consumers we have completed 18 years in serving you the best of our product & services. From extending our hand in helping our nation defend our borders to ensuring a non-stop safe environment for production & manufacturing for continuous national economic growth, we are proud to make our presence in all aspects of your life.

We honour your time and money

We have devised a process which ensures complete utilization of time and to provide value to your money. We believe in instant responsiveness, better communication and a great relationship. We tend to put our focus on providing you the best of solution.

How we analyse work?

We work on first come first serve basis and are unbiassed to any of our existing or prospective clients. Once we receive your enquiry, we assign an executive to handle your queries effectively and efficiently. The executive will be available 24 x 7 until the project is completed and finalized.

If needed, we serve you through every medium as required. We deploy a team to understand and analyse your requirement and do site visits to gain a better understanding.

How we recommend products and services to our clients?

After a thorough examination of the site and understanding your issues and/ or requirements, our professionals will pay ample amount of time to provide you a detailed information about our wide range of suitable products or services for you to choose from.

We offer a wide range of products and services which are designed to provide solution to your every requirement. Our products and services comply with international and national codes of standards and our executives will walk you through them in order for you to gain a better perspective.

How we execute?

Depending on the location of your site, we allot the maximum time limit required in order for us to complete the project. Once we receive your confirmation/ purchase order we dispatch the material and/ or team within 45 hours.

Our trained professionals make sure to provide you a hassle free service from start to end. We pay close attention to our punctuality, discipline, behaviour and ethics. We pay special attention to the accuracy of the job done.

You are updated and informed about every development throughout the project.

How we do test runs?

We not only believe in providing you the best of our products for your every need but we pay extra attention to provide you a hassle free complete integrated service from start to end.

After the installation of our products, or execution of our services, we do test runs with fully calibrated high end machines to provide a detailed report of the work done.

You are provided with reports and documentations for the same as well.

How we finalize work?

We mark a project complete only if we are happy with the after service test reports. If errors founds, we try to solve the same within a stipulated time limit, to make sure you face no difficulties.

If everything is found satisfactorily, we move ahead and finalize your project and provide you with all necessary documentations and reports.

We are constantly working to better our customer services and we honour your honest feedback for us.



Earthing Solutions was established in India as country’s first few integrated private electrical grounding company in 2001. With this, we also introduced the concept ofChemical Earthing and its virtues. Today, we are among the leading nationalelectrical grounding and lightning protection system companies. Keeping our connections to our mother soil, we kept on serving the entire nation and neighboring countries with our head office in Patna.



Earthing Solutionsopened their commercial operations with a base as a branch office in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand (Nation’s First Industrial City) in December 2014. Soon we became the major electrical grounding and lightning protection products and service provider in the state of Jharkhand.



Earthing Solutionsopened their commercial operations with a base as a branch office in Odhisa in December 2018. We are still spreading our legs and making our presence strong in the historical state of Odisha.



We are under process in opening our commercial operations in Nepal with its base at Birgunj. We are more than excited to be working on the land of Buddha.


Unchallengeable Warranty on our Products

Each of our product is made from precision and care and marketed to you by a team of experts. Because of the quality we use and believe in, the process we follow, our cutting edge technology, research and development, ethical practices, high quality and high productivity, consistent with modern management practises we are able to provide you an unchallengeable warranty on our products. We care for your life, time and your money.

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